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From the desk of: Ed Charkow and Eric Gehler

Dear Friend,

Who are the Other 98 Percent?

The Other 98 Percent are normal average people that use the internet for entrainment, communication and information. They avoid spam, they avoid spammy sites. They hate pop-ups, they hate internet marketing offers, and they hate the “Used Car Salesmen” approach to in your face marketing and advertisement.

The Other 98 percent are Housewives, Students, Teens, and 9 to 5 workers. They are people.

Millions upon Millions of people that surf the internet. They are diverse, they are eclectic, and they are niche minded. They search for information on their hobby, their interest, things that are buzz worthy or in the news.

The Other 98 Percent are people that are driven to websites normally by search engine results. They may click through for information from a trusted site or email from a friend, but are weary of a rip off or scam. They are consumers. They look for deals, but want to know “the who - what - where - when - and why” of any offer. They will click on an advertisement that is targeted to their point of reference or interest at the moment. Some will even click on advertisement to get off your site.

Are you REACHING the Other 98 Percent?

Or are you just marketing to marketers that are just trying to sell you something as well?

Is your marketing approach to just the 2 Percent?

Are you the Insurance Agent that meets the Car Sales Men and each is pitching their own product and by the end of the meeting neither has made a sale or any money?

Are you marketing and reaching your customers? Are you just trying to sell to other salesmen? Are you pushing IM products that Guru’s are mass emailing? Are you getting the same offers in your email from several different Gurus?

Fact: Internet Marketers market to other Internet Marketers.

If you are stuck in the rut of trying to push another IM product, that every one else is pushing, it comes down to who has the bigger Email List or Push. Has this method worked for you? Are you reaching your goals?

Fact: There are only a limited amount of Internet Marketers at any one given time.

Is your entire business attempting to reach the same small percent of buyers? The 2% of internet marketers, or do you want to reach the Other 98%. People that surf for information, search to buy real products and services, that use Search Engine Traffic as their main resource are the Other 98%.

Break the chain or cycle of insanity, and open the Doors to the Other 98 percent!

Find out the ways, methods and means to open the door, expand your business and truly reach your goals.

Not only do you give you tips, tools and methods we give you a step by step model to follow. We give you the tools, training and resources for you to actually achieve. Not just the info, but the Plan, the Steps, the Method and the start.

How many times have you gotten an idea or new information, but just didn’t know where to start to implement the idea correctly? You had a plan, but forgot or failed to incorporate necessary steps. Was there a few technical obstacles or skills that stopped you from moving forward?

No Longer a Problem.

We provide videos, action plans, step by step instructions. Guides, methods, and techniques for reaching the Other 98 Percent! This type of information is what you need to break out of the box, stop the insanity, and finally start making a profit on-line.


Are you ready to REACH the Other 98 Percent?

Watch what will happen when you break the "IM" market mindset...

Earn from every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the Internet.
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Get tips to instantly break into READY MADE MARKETS - Where normal people are just dying to help you make lot's of money!

Utilize your "internet marketing" skills to absolutely crush the markets where 'normal' visitors are dying for information and products.
Find out why SMART INTERNET MARKETERS are already into the common themes that people are searching for - and why they aren't telling you about it!
Find out how to use the social networks, video, pinging, tagging, and bookmarking to reach those normal average joes's -- even if you aren't a technical or seo wizard!
Find out what happens when you dump the splash pages, the hype, the mailing lists, the secrets, the info products, the things that make you just a little uncomfortable, and find out how to tap into the other 98 percent of the internet ethically and honestly.
And Much Much More... New information, techniques, and methods are added by the Other98percent staff, our clients, and our members!

There are hundreds of ways to REACH the Other 98 Percent. Why struggle trying to figure it out for yourself when there is already a growing compilation of video's, tutorials, methods, and techniques just a few free clicks away?

Using these techniques along with a smart plan of "attack" will multiply your Internet Income.


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Let's face it. We probably are a little dense for giving away any of this information. Please take advantage of us.

Thanks for reading,

Edward Charkow
Eric Gehler

P.S. It really is free for now! We will even pay YOU to refer other free members!

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